Nimo & The Light'snew EP coming soon!

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Don't feed the pigeonsNew EP coming soon

Hi everyone!We're currently working hard on recording our next EP, "Don't feed the pigeons". We'll get you some samples ASAP!

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When your name’s as catchy as Nimo Kally, it only seems fitting that you’re the leader of a modern-indie rock band featuring some of New York City’s top musicians.

Since forming in 2014, nIMO & The Light have played extensively around NYC and Tel Aviv, where Kally worked as a radio DJ at two of Israel’s popular radio stations. Now, Kally brings his 15-plus years of music business experience and setlist of nIMO originals from his debut EP, Espresso River, produced by Zak Soulam (Suzanne Vega, Babyface).

Now recording his upcoming album “DON’t fEEd The pIGEONs” , due to release soon .

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